Naru Kwina

Extended Day Care Supervisor

Naru is an educator with over 20 years experience. Naru previously taught science in the Lower through Middle Groups and codirected EDC at Walden. After a hiatus to produce music and care for his infant daughter he returned in 2011 as a supervisor in Walden’s EDC program and classroom assistant. Naru has experience in conflict resolution and as a community activist, initiated a Black men’s forum and a play group for children of color. He has lent his talents to various events supporting youth education, environmental awareness, political prisoners, AIDS, and healthy life-style choices.

Naru is also a veteran in the Bay Area hip hop scene. In 1987 (under the name Sir Quickdraw) he became one of the first artists from Oakland to ever record a rap record. He was on the Malcola label with an early Easy E and the Egyptian Lover recording. Naru has vowed to remain an independent artist and has performed with fellow artists from Run DMC to Hammer to Digital Underground. Naru was the cofounder and lead vocalist of the group Organic Creations, which blended hip hop, jazz, spoken word, and theater.

Naru’s company Hip Learning uses the rhyme of hip hop as a means to cultivate minds, focusing mainly on science and life skills. Naru produced and cowrote “Love Is the Thing” with his then four-year-old daughter, a Walden alumna. To learn more about Hip Learning, visit Naru’s website: