Lisa Allen



Lisa is a native of Berkeley.  Having roamed six states and two continents as musician, educator and parent of two she recently returned to Berkeley to assist her multigenerational Bay Area family of origin.  A Juilliard graduate with a master’s in flute performance she also taught ear training to Juilliard music majors.  This keen interest in the fundamental building blocks of western music, unusual for a flautist, is the hidden link between her earlier life as classical performer and her later evolution as a progressive music educator of children.  Her approach steadily unfolds into the increasingly elemental and the playful.  All the while her marriage to Juilliard sweetheart, Dan Meier, master orchestral French horn player-turned-software engineer is reimagined chapter by chapter, day by day.

Long ago Lisa found herself strangely lured into the vibrant mysteries of children’s music by two extraordinary progressive educators she met while living in Oklahoma City.  Many years later she appears at our door with extensive training in Orff-Schulwerk, children’s choral music, and child-centered mindfulness practices.  Her experience as both child and parent inspire a deep empathy for diverse learning needs.  Her approach is active and kind as she mindfully and persistently nurtures the inner musician into natural flourishing.

Among her ongoing interests are mindfulness as a foundation for a wilder sort of harmony, meditation, Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, and music as an approach to social and emotional development.  Delighted by California’s proximity to both mountains and sea, she’s happiest walking to her destinations, especially when in earshot of roaring waves or whispering mountain pines.   Over the years she’s added more instruments to her musical palate including piano, voice, ukulele, guitar, creative movement and her ever growing collection of world flutes, remaining a beginner at everything she encounters.

Once fluent in French, the sole vestige of her year in Paris studying flute as a seventeen-year-old is a deep love of food and unhurried time with good friends. 

Lisa also teaches music at Clarendon Second Community Alternative Elementary School in San Francisco where she combines mindfulness, music and social emotional learning to support the ever-unfolding whole child.