Dominique Concepcion

Extended Day Care

Dominique DeytoA New York City native, Dominique attended Bayard Rustin’s High School for the Humanities in Chelsea, an experience that gave her an enduring appreciation for social justice. As she likes to point out, while Bayard Rustin was well known for his civil rights activism in the 1960s (organizing the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and counseling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the techniques of nonviolent resistance), it has not been widely documented that he sat down with the founders of Walden to discuss the idea of a unique school that would provide education for peace. By being part of the Walden community, Dominique feels that she is continuing to hand down the legacy of her own childhood education.

Dominique has served in the United States Coast Guard in Alaska, Hong Kong, Majuro, and Midway Island, where she developed her awareness of the ocean environment and the dangers of plastic to birds and sea life. Returning to civilian life, she worked as a lifeguard and swimming teacher, eventually meeting Jo Brownlow (former Upper Group teacher) and joining Walden in 2000 as part of the Extended Day Care program team. After a brief stint on the East Coast Dominque returned to Walden in 2014.