Graham Stone
Middle Group

Middle Group (Grades 2-3)


Graham is new to Walden this year and is excited to join the Middle Group.  He spent 19 years teaching in public schools in Philadelphia and Oakland before joining Walden in 2019.  He taught grades kindergarten through 8th, thoroughly enjoying the breadth of experiences it provided.  

Many of his public school experiences were in overcrowded classrooms in understaffed schools, and so Walden provides a welcome relief.  The small classes, individualized instruction opportunities, and rich arts programs are a wonderful change. The collective and close-knit community feel very supportive and are appreciated.

Graham’s teaching practice is shaped by the values of social justice, equity, and inquiry.  His pedagogy is to empower cooperative, yet independent, intrinsically motivated students. He employs a constructivist teaching philosophy, where students build their own knowledge through experiential learning.

Graham received his Bachelor’s in Black Studies from William & Mary and his Master’s in Education from Saint Joseph’s University.  Outside of school, he enjoys mentoring Bay Area youth and is active in the South Berkeley community. Basketball, yoga, gardening, and family time are his favorite hobbies.