Walden’s teachers are its center. Our teachers play, teach, challenge, soothe, problem solve, and create their way through each school day. Respectful relationships form the foundation of their teaching as they create an exciting, challenging, and safe learning environment. They are beloved. Come meet them!

Thirteen of our teachers and staff members make up the Walden Collective, the primary governing body for the school:

Claudine Swickard–Administrative Coordinator

Cristin Costello–Middle Group

Debra Wong–Lower Middle Group

Elise Wilks–Business Manager

Gina Centanni–Lower Group

Emma Ammirati–Middle Group

Lee Ann Parker–Spanish

Jeff Grether–Upper Group

Russell Wright–Drama and Movement

Susana Aragón–Visual Arts

Teresa Chen–Upper Group

VickiLee Edge–Admissions and Communications

Employee Standards of Conduct