Summer Camp at Walden

March 5, 2018

Choose any of four fantastic weeks of summer camp at Walden!

Magic and Machines: June 18-22 — FULL
Invention = technology + imagination. Now add even more imagination!

Think mad scientist laboratory! Create and design robots and machines! Design and make your ideal magic wand. Work with a team to build a laboratory space!

Field Trips include choosing books at the library followed by ice cream, and a trip to Strawberry Canyon Pool!

Underwater Walden: June 25-29 — FULL
Deep sea or sandy shores? Octopus’s garden or pirate’s treasure?

Model the watery habitat of your choice. Dance like a mermaid! Design and build a gigantic underwater scene with your friends. Dive into learning all about the animals of The Deep: who lives where and why?

Field Trips include swimming at Lake Anza and at El Cerrito pool!

Mission to Outer Space: July 2-6 (Cost $240)
This is a short Week. No camp on Wednesday, July 4th!
Ground Control to Major Fun!

Design and build a spacecraft! Blast off into space to explore planets and all kinds of other astronaut stuff! Learn about space phenomena like supernovas and black holes. Make your own extraterrestrial being!

Our Field Trip this week is a trip to Chabot Science Center!

Eats and Treats at the Walden Cafe: July 9-13
What do you have a hankering for today?

A five star experience! Design your ideal menu. Shop and prepare. We will explore the 5 taste sensations of salty, sour, bitter, sweet and umami! We’ll shop on a budget! We’ll dine out and we’ll eat in! Bon appetit!

Field Trips include a scavenger hunt at Berkeley Bowl and lunch at Picante!

For more detailed information click to our summer camp page.

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