What the Wind Brought

November 23, 2013

The wind and everything it brought last night got me thinking about change, mistakes, adaptability, and the arts.

FruitThe wind is one of those forces that leaves change behind it. Our overnight wind left many people with something new to cope with this morning, ranging from devastating losses to debris strewn yards, snarled traffic, and cranky selves and children. The wind also brought opportunities: at Walden a huge pile of leaves, a harvest of fallen fruit fallen, and lots of energy.

The difficulty of adapting to and embracing change when it carries both loss and opportunity seems to be an essential human challenge, usually not easy, but definitely easier when possessing resilience. This is where the arts come in, because making art on a daily basis helps build resilience and adaptability in Walden students.

The arts seem magical to me because in the arts, as in play, a mistake is a design or improvisation opportunity—it is a starting, not an ending point. The arts demand open-ended creativity—there often isn’t a right way to do things in the arts. Learning through the arts to approach change and problems with an attitude of opportunity is a fabulous life skill. It is the stuff of resilience and adaptability.

All those leaves scattered all over campus? The children raked them into a nice big pile perfect for jumping into and rescattering!

VickiLee Edge
Admissions and Communications Coordinator

Photos can be found on our Facebook page.

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