Walden’s New Development Coordinator

May 22, 2012

Please give a warm Walden welcome to our new development coordinator Zachary Amendt! I, and many members of Walden’s Foundation and Collective will be working closely with him as he takes over Walden’s day-to-day fundraising duties. If you see him around campus be sure to say hello and get to know him.

Zach has fund-raised for a number of minority health initiatives, including wellness programs for migrant farm workers in the Coachella Valley, and HIV prevention programs in San Francisco and New York. He currently writes grant proposals for a network of science workshops for low-income communities throughout California. He has attended UC Davis and the City University of New York, and is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Saint Mary’s College.

When he’s not writing grants, he’s writing short stories, golfing, or driving around Napa tasting wine with his wife Paige. He has worn cowboy boots his whole life and loves them so much that he is walking the Santa Barbara marathon in them this fall. We think his outgoing personality, creative spirit, and sense of fun will make him a great fit for Walden!

Zach can be reached at zach@walden-school.net or 760-464-6136.

-Sarah Cheney

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