Walden Awarded $50,000 Grant from Robert T. Keeler Foundation, Mary Rust, Trustee

September 17, 2010

We are proud to announce that Walden was awarded a $50,000 grant to begin funding our Educational Equity Project.

The Educational Equity Project is committed to providing access to a Walden education to children who otherwise could not afford full tuition. We aim to increase diversity and student retention through this program by increasing our scholarship outreach and ability to provide scholarship for a student’s full tenure at Walden. Read more about the Educational Equity Project.

Nearly half of the funds will provide immediate financial aid while the remainder will be used to seed an endowment to fund this program going forward. We are thrilled to have the beginnings of an endowment for this important project and are continuing to work toward fully funding this endowment.

This is Walden’s first grant and our largest donation to date. Questions about the Educational Equity Project; the grant from the Robert T. Keeler Foundation, Mary Rust, Trustee; or fundraising at Walden should be directed to Development Coordinator Sarah Cheney at sarah@walden-school.net.

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