Gift for Walden’s Future

September 19, 2011

Walden is thrilled to announce that we have received a truly extraordinary gift from Walden parent Jeremy LaTrasse. Jeremy, who was part of Twitter’s original team, has donated Twitter stock to Walden with a current value of approximately $2 million! The purpose of this restricted gift is to help achieve an important long-held goal of the Walden Foundation: to improve our campus by expanding, renovating, and rebuilding it. Thank you, Jeremy!

We know that there will be many questions about this project—how, what, where, when, why? Despite the charm of our beloved fifty-two-year-old campus, many of the buildings are in need of repair. But more than that, we are envisioning Walden for the next fifty years and beyond.

We are engaged in a community-based design process. The Foundation and Collective have already begun to brainstorm ideas for the redevelopment plan. The major improvements include expanded teaching and support spaces, full ADA accessibility, and earthquake safety, with an emphasis on sustainable building materials and systems. Next Walden parents will bring their ideas to our fall parent forum. We expect a lively brainstorming session.

As we begin our design process, we are interested in ideas from all members of our community. Please share them with us. As we change we will remain the same. Walden will continue to place child-centered education at the heart of our plans as we begin this amazing new chapter of our history, ensuring that we put children first each step of the way. It has been our tradition to live within our means and we will continue that tradition with this project.

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