Inside Our Classrooms

Walden is a K-6 school, where children move through classes in the following order:

  • Lower Group (K)
  • Lower Middle Group (1st grade)
  • Middle Group (2nd and 3rd grades)
  • Upper Group (4th through 6th grade)

A Walden education begins with the students. Yes, we are constructivist, progressive, and developmental in our approach. But in the end, student learning styles and needs dictate what we teach and how we teach it. Along with supporting academic growth, we include collaborative activities designed to support social and emotional development. Our unique arts-integrated curriculum supports critical and creative thinking and we continue, in every area, our deep and lasting commitment to supporting a multicultural perspective.

This section introduces you to what we teach, when we teach it, and the educational philosophy that drives these decisions. We hope you are able to feel the excitement and joy that we bring to our teaching and learning every day.