Staf & Alumna at Winter Frolic 2009

Our alumni are our greatest legacy here at Walden. It is a testament to our strong community that at every Walden event you will find several teenage alumni willingly volunteering their time to help out. We find that many alumni have an unusually strong connection to each other and to the school.

Here are just a few things Walden alumni and their parents have to say…

Self-confidence, the expectation and desire to be treated with respect, the inquisitive enjoyment of learning, the guts to put yourself out there in front of a group of people, the idea that you and your contributions are intrinsically valuable – all of this and more they learned at Walden – and that’s not even mentioning learning to read, and multiply, and sketch, and say the names of many fruits in Spanish! – parent of Walden alumni, classes of 2006 and 2010

It allowed me to learn to approach the acquisition of knowledge in my own determined way, and truly for myself. – Anne Banfield, Walden Class of 2002

As a member of one of the founding families, Walden was my life! The emphasis on the importance of the natural environment heavily influenced my choices for education and career. – Jenifer McRae Ruyle, Walden class of 1966

It helped me realize there is nothing wrong with being yourself. – Morgan Hunter Grody, Walden class of 2004

I know how to both think for myself and work with others. – Arienna Grody, Walden class of 2000

Walden defines me in an in-definable way. – Fennis Brown, Walden class of 2000

We are always curious to know what Walden alums are up to. We know that you follow your interests in many directions. You write books, deliver babies, run companies, teach, perform, protect us, create art, protect our environment, create nonprofits, document languages, pursue scientific discovery, and do many, many other things. Please contact us and let us know about your time at Walden and what you are doing now.

Contact us at and let us know what you’re up to on the Walden Facebook Group.